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At Shiloh Christian Academy we are of one purpose, partnering with parents to cultivate their child's heart and mind, teaching all of these to recognize what Christ identifies as true, good, and beautiful.

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Welcome to Shiloh Christian Academy where we teach that God is the God of Order, the Creator of Science, and the Author of History.  Shiloh is an interdenominational, classical Christian school that puts God's Word at the forefront of all we do.   We strive to create an environment where learning is important, exciting, and fun.  We believe in the partnership between school and home and recognize parents as a child's first and most influential teachers.  At Shiloh, character development and discipleship are as important as the mastery of multiplication facts and parts of speech.  High expectations are placed before the children and they rise to meet them.  A family atmosphere is found throughout the school and kindness and acceptance abound.   Shiloh's teachers are committed to God and His Word and pray daily that His hand will guide their teaching.  We desire that our students learn Truth for themselves, understand the power of effective communication, and become a Godly influence that impacts those around them.


Cody Caywood, SCA Parent

After two years, Shiloh Christian Academy has proven to be far more than my wife and I could have ever imagined. The smaller class sizes and dedicated teachers, both surrounded in a Christian curriculum, make this particular school a Godsend for my family.

Angie Carmichael, SCA Parent

If I can tell one parent about this school - a parent who is searching, praying for a school where they know their child is safe, loved and cared for, taught the best curriculum and Christian values - then their prayers can be answered, too, just like ours were with Shiloh.

Bre Oberdick, SCA Parent

Shiloh has been an answer to prayer for our family. This is a school that puts God and His plans first. The learning environment, curriculum, and programs offered at Shiloh are ideal for our son. It has provided a school experience where he is excited to learn, encouraged to go deeper, and always met with encouragement toward growth, not only in academics, but in his faith as well. We look forward to continuing his education here, as well as our other children beginning theirs.


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