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Shiloh Student Expectations

"Children should be able to enjoy what is good, and yet be able to see what ideas are wrong." 
For the Children's Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

We expect our students to:

  • obey our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  • obey the authority under which they are placed and do so just as God's Word commands:  cheerfully, immediately, and respectfully.  Children will not argue or negotiate with their teachers but can appeal respectfully.

  • love and honor one another.

  • do their very best and finish the work assigned.

  • take responsibility for their own actions and choices, not placing blame on others.

  • speak quietly and respectfully with one another.

  • avoid cliques, clubs, or games that exclude others.

  • daily live Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31

  • give encouragement to each other and praise each other for a job well done.

  • look for the good qualities in their classmates.

  • tell the truth.

  • consider another's interests ahead of their own.

  • treat one another with respect and patience.

  • honor and respect one another's property and space.

  • keep their minds pure by dwelling on what is good and by not watching programs that are otherwise inappropriate.

  • nourish their spirit by reading the Bible.

  • take good care of everything God has given them.

We do not:

  • lie, cheat, or steal.

  • tell secrets at school.

  • use inappropriate language.

  • spread rumors or gossip.

  • build ourselves up by pointing out the shortcomings of others.

  • hurt one another with unkind words or deeds.

  • accept teasing or fighting of any sort.

  • push to be first in line or out the door.

  • interrupt our classmates or our teachers.


  • others are sorry, we forgive them.

  • others are sad, we comfort them.

  • others are happy, we rejoice with them.

  • we have work to do, we do it without complaining.

  • we make a mess, we clean it up.

  • we go on field trips, we act just as if we were in school by being polite and well-mannered, knowing we represent Shiloh Christian Academy.

  • we disobey or forget any of the Student Expectations, we accept the discipline and instructions of our teachers and administrators.


  • Say "please" and "thank you".

  • Use "yes, sir" and "yes, ma'am".

  • Use "Mr.", "Miss", or "Mrs.".

  • Use "excuse me". 

  • Make an effort to make visitors feel welcome.

  • Address elders and peers by name and seek to be helpful whenever possible.

  • Rise when a guest enters a classroom and remain standing until told "thank you".

  • Avoid running and pushing.

  • Remain quiet in the hallway.

  • Hold doors open for others.

  • Use proper table manners while eating.

These same expectations apply to the classroom, field trips, assemblies,
and other Shiloh group functions.

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