Shiloh Christian Faculty

Committed to guiding students as they become disciples of Christ who can defend God’s Word as truth


Gina Duckwall 
Physical Education

Mrs. Duckwall has a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Southwest University and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Central Oklahoma.  She is also certified to teach Physical Education, Health and Safety and has taught 7 years in a second grade classroom and 8 years as a kindergarten through 5th grade P.E. teacher.  Mrs. Duckwall followed God’s will and joined us at Shiloh, where she not only gets the children moving through high-energy games and activities but teaches them safety, anatomy, and nutrition.

Shannon Wolfe

Mrs. Wolfe is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor's in Art Education and is a certified Fine Arts Educator for grades Pre-3 through 12th. With 16 years of teaching experience and numerous continuing education art courses, she is a multidisciplinary artist with vast understandings of various mediums. 

Coty Tarp

Nature Studies

Mrs. Tarp graduated from East Central University with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education.  She has nine years of teaching experience and is certified in Early Childhood Education.  Mrs. Tarp also has a Master's degree from ECU in Library Media Science.  Her deep love of teaching and  great wonder of God's creation makes her the ideal SCA Nature Studies teacher.


Cindy Shaw


Mrs. Shaw graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and later earned her Master’s Degree in Library Science from the University of Central Oklahoma.  She has taught over 34 years, receiving the honor of Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year and District Teacher of the Year twice.  She has served as a classroom teacher in first and second grades, sixth grade science and remedial reading, seventh grade Language Arts and science, and spent 11 years as a middle school media specialist.

Louise Garrett
"Grandma Garrett"

Mrs. Garrett, fondly referred to as "Grandma Garrett" by the children, volunteers three days a week as our PreK teacher's aid.  Her great faith in the Lord, her belief that Shiloh is doing God's Will, and her love of children are what drew her to serve at SCA. 

Lori Marshall

Mrs. Marshall has been in education for 16 years as a teacher and administrator. Of those years, ten were in a classroom and six were in administration. She received a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and a Master of Education in School Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma. Mrs. Marshall has served as a Special Education Advocate for Students with Special Needs, was awarded Site Teacher of the Year, and has written and taught Bible school curriculum for over 30 years. 


Angel Crosswhite

Mrs. Crosswhite studied Christian Education at Ozark Christian College and later graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ashford University with a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education.  She has served as an interim director and assistant director at two different Christian preschools.  Mrs. Crosswhite has had extensive training and input in children’s ministry programs and education over the years, making an impact in the lives of children wherever she serves.    

Barbara Kilkenny

First Grade

Mrs. Kilkenny is an experienced, award-winning teacher who has taught over 30 years.  She has multiple undergraduate degrees that include Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Deaf Education, Elementary Principal and a Master’s in Early Childhood with a minor as a Reading Specialist.  Among her many awards is the Eva Johnson Lifetime Teaching Award for the State of Oklahoma, Channel 5’s “One of Oklahoma’s Best Teachers”, and Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year.  

       Philip Kopyscinski
4th/5th Grade Bible & History

Mr. Kopyscinski has been in ministry for over twelve years as a youth pastor and music director.  He holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology: Christian Counseling from Liberty University.  His God-given desire to work in a school led him to SCA.  Mr. Kopyscinski possesses a gift for teaching which is evident in his ability to reach and impact the children in his classes.   

Marcy Farrand

2nd Grade

Mrs. Farrand received her Bachelor's in Liberal Studies from Oklahoma Christian University.  She formerly taught 2-to-4 year olds at the Jesus' Lambs Mothers Day Out program and spent the past three years as a PreK teacher's aide at Blanchard Elementary.  Mrs. Farrand recently passed the OGET (Oklahoma General Education Test) for teachers.  Combining these experiences with her enthusiasm and work ethic, Mrs. Farrand is an excellent addition to our SCA family.

Trina Baker
3rd Grade

Mrs. Baker graduated from Mid-America Christian University with a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries.  She has been involved in children’s ministry for 25 years and owned and operated a two-day preschool where she taught for five years.  In addition to teaching at Shiloh, Mrs. Baker is currently serving as the Children’s Director at Woodland Hills Baptist Church. 

Amie Conn

4th/5th Grade
Language Arts & Math

Mrs. Conn comes to SCA with a wide range of experience, from substitute teaching PreK through 8th grade to full-time teaching kindergarten and 3rd grade in the Putnam City school district.  She also taught PreK for nine years at My Lambs Preschool in Bethany.  Mrs. Conn graduated from Southern Nazarene University with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and earned certification in Early Childhood and English.

"Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning." 
                                                                                      --Robert John Meehan

It was once said, "You can have the best curriculum and the prettiest buildings, but if you don't have this
(as a teacher was pointed to), you don't have a school."   

At Shiloh Christian Academy, we hold this to be true and are greatly blessed by those God has sent us.  Our teachers are the most important tools we place before our children.


Craig Elrod
4th/5th Mathematics & Science

Mr. Elrod graduated with a Bachelor of Elementary Education and a Master of Education Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma. He came to SCA with 31 years of teaching experience, primarily in grades third through sixth. 

Amanda Helenschmidt

Mrs. Helenschmidt came to SCA with 5 years of classroom experience. She began her teaching career as a preschool teacher and later moved to Kindergarten.