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Our Plans for the Future

     Because of the willingness of Regent Preparatory School in Tulsa to share all that God blessed them with, life was given to Shiloh Christian Academy.  In accordance with the grace of God, Regent's abundant generosity and love of the Lord was instrumental in providing a Christian education to the children of this area.
   Shiloh began its first year as a kindergarten through third grade school with 17 children. In year two, fourth grade was added and 31 children filled our classrooms. In 2023-2024, we have enrollment of over 150 students and we have added 7th grade. Looking to the future, our goal is to grow as God leads. We plan to continue to add one grade level each year as enrollment increases.
     We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to Woodland Hills Baptist Church for the use of their beautiful facility.  One day, we hope to be in our own building with the words "Shiloh Christian Academy" on its side.  Until then, we will continue to follow the Will of God and grow as He provides.

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