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Saxon Phonics and Math

At Shiloh, we use the Saxon phonics and math curriculum developed by John Saxon.


Saxon math is a teaching method for incremental learning of mathematics. It involves teaching a new mathematical concept every day and constantly reviewing past concepts.  When a new concept or unit is taught, it is not dismissed only to be seen at test-review time.  Concepts are in front of the children every day, ensuring their mastery, not just an introduction, of the skill.  In addition, mastering math facts from memory is an essential part of our students' learning.  


Saxon phonics is a systematic and structured multisensory approach to reading based on the concept of learning new skills on an incremental basis. Each step builds upon the last with frequent review sessions.  Saxon phonics not only teaches the sounds made by letters and their combinations but also reinforces sight words and the use of context clues.  Children see success in speed and ease of reading as well as increased success in their ability to spell and comprehend.  

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